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Member Ph.D Details

NameUniversityEnrol. No.Regd. DateThesis title
Ajay BalakrishnanManipal University169000068  12-09-2016  Ex vivo¬†expansion and characterization of circulating esophageal tumor cells for individualized drug susceptibility  
Anil K. MadugunduManipal University189000008  05-16-2018  Computational analysis of multi-omics datasets  
Ankit P. JainKIIT University1381133  09-05-2014  Molecular mechanisms that govern erlotinib resistance in HNSCC  
Aravind K. BandariManipal University169000064  12-06-2016  Genomic studies of inherited immune disorders using next generation sequencing  
Arun H. PatilKIIT University14511437414  09-04-2014  Bioinformatics based analysis of Next-generation sequencing data in inherited genetic disorders  
Barnali DebManipal University169000069  12-06-2016  ldentification of potential therapeutic targets for bladder cancer using phosphoproteomic approach  
David Sudheer NayakantiManipal University179000037  11-23-2017  Proteomic approaches to identify molecular alterations across fibroepithelial tumors of breast  
Firdous Ahmad BhatAmrita UniversityAM.BT.D*BIF16253  10-11-2016  Tobacco induced molecular alterations in oral squamous cell carcinoma  
Gajanan J. SatheManipal University  11-05-2012  Phosphoproteomic analysis of curcumin treated head and neck cancer cell lines  
Hitendra Singh SolankiKIIT University  06-30-2016  Cigarette smoke-induced molecular alterations in lung cells  
Jayshree AdvaniManipal University149000014  05-23-2014  Whole genome sequencing analysis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis clinical isolates from India  
Kiran Kumar MangalaparthiAmrita UniversityAM.BT.D*BIF14176  02-23-2015  Identification of potential biomarkers in gastrointestinal cancers  
Kirti GondkarAmrita UniversityAM BT D BIF 16255  08-01-2016  The role of Dickkopf homolog 3 in gallbladder carcinoma  
Krishna PatelAmrita UniversityAM.BT.D*BIF15180  09-30-2015  Bioinformatics analysis of genomic and proteomic data  
Manika SinghAmrita UniversityAM.BT.D*BIF16250  08-01-2016  Development of a web-based resource for predicted and validated set of peptides and transitions for MRM/PRM assays  
Manjunath DammalliVTU Belgaum  00-00-0000    
Mohd Younis BhatAmrita UniversityAM.BT.D*BIF16252  10-11-2016  miRNA alterations induced by cigarette smoke and chewing tobacco in oral keratinocytes  
Neelam AntilAmrita UniversityAM.SC.R4BIF17345  01-01-2018  Proteogenomic analysis of calcium dependent protein kinase mutant Toxoplasma gondii  
Niraj BabuManipal University169000067  12-06-2016  miRNA dysregulation in non-small cell lung cancer in response to cigarette smoke  
Pavithra RajagopalanKIIT University1381180  09-14-2013  Effect of cigarette smoke on human oral keratinocytes  
Praseeda MolAmrita UniversityAM.BT.D*BIF16250  08-01-2016  Mapping the Protein Expression of Individual Subreigons of Hippocampus in Adult Human Brain  
Sonali Vishwa Mohan Manipal University169000066  12-06-2016  Development of mass spectrometry based method for rapid and reproducible quantitation of urinary proteins.  
Vinuth N. PuttamalleshAmrita UniversityAl4.BT.D*81F15179  09-23-2015  Unraveling molecular alterations underlying bladder cancer